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Trendart, from Heimtextil to stonefree: on the rising trend

by the Editorial Staff of stonefree


Victoria Glagoleva graduates cum laude in art and textile design from Moscow University and, while still studying for her degree, she works as head of the collection for one of the most important Russian companies in the Gift Wrap and Packaging industry.
She has the opportunity to begin to travel the world during her time with this company and visits many of the international trade fairs in China, India, Europe and, while at one of the fairs, meets Emanuele, the man who will become her husband.
She moves to Italy in 2004, joins a course at the Brera Accademia in Milan, and at the same time takes up the chance of a short internship with an important international fashion brand, famous for its ties to the English punk scene.
Joe Strummer (one of the heroes of the punk season) used to say “The future is unwritten”, and Victoria Glagoleva knows that well as, at the time, her future was still to be written.

“People can change anything they want to, and that means everything in the world.”


– Joe Strummer

She observes, scrutinizes, acquires information, takes note, and learns everything there is to learn, gradually understanding that her real passion is for the home furnishings textile market.

Her talent grows quickly, so fast that she can’t contain it and so, with the encouragement of her future husband and the conviction that dreams exist to be made into reality, she decides to found Trendart. Right from the start, functioning as the creative hub of the studio, she involves friends from her student days and creates a familiar and comfortable work environment.

Victoria participates at her first Heimtextil and her talent does not go unobserved, immediately attracting the attention of clients and receiving commercial proposals for international collaborations.


Victoria’s favorite word becomes ‘consciousness’ and Trendart thus begins to take giant steps, going from a space in what was the home’s garage to the attic space, with a lake view, right on the top floor; a continuous accumulation of satisfaction and successes.

Ruled by her heart and concentrating exclusively on her work with passion and convinced dedication, Victoria Glagoleva decides to open the window of opportunity to new and stimulating collaborations for her studio Trendart.

New creative juices arrive and flow with new colors, new ideas, and new dreams, through the beauty of hand-painted designs toward new objectives and new challenges to win.

Trendart’s team grows to include some of the best creative artists that the talent market of Italy, the UK, and Russia have to offer, a perfect symphony with each note in the right place.


After a few, short years, Trendart becomes one of the best known and valued design studios in the world and a reference point for Italian studios. Sweat and sacrifice and the unwavering desire to become better, together with the trust placed in the artists’ creative freedom are just some of the winning ingredients that have helped make Trendart a world star design studio.

The constant dialogue Victoria has with her father, a man with vast experience in business, provides advice, support, suggestions and often helps with ensuring that decisions are the best ones possible: «I often allow myself long conversations with my father, especially when there is an important decision to make: I trust him completely, his advice is very precious to me».


Trendart, the studio that has always been distinctive for the lucidity of its vision and capacity to remain at the forefront, even during the dramatic and hostile moment we’re living through now, has chosen to jump onboard and experiment the opportunities the project provides in this time of change.

A choice guided by the trust Victoria has always placed in the stonefree founders, Max Lambertini and Luca Peroni, but also by the conviction that stonefree represents a precious opportunity to continue for growth: “I expect the unexpected and I’m particularly interested in the way stonefree works, especially the idea of the personalized structure each studio can have and the security feature of the file-encrypting app, as well as the way it responds to the clients’ needs. I believe that it will work and that it is an occasion for the whole Home Decor industry”.


The latest news is that Heimtextil 2020 will not take place. But once Covid can be considered to be behind us, what will happen? When we’re out of lockdown, will everything go back to the way it was or, as an irreversible mechanism begun to move, imposing an inevitable assessment of a new future?

Trendart’s founder has clear ideas on this question too: “I’m convinced that soon many design studios will opt for the online sales of their collections, cutting costs and, at the same time, remaining competitive and visible on the market. But, this new way of working must not make us forget the importance of the traditional business methods that have made us and our world what we are today. We all need to review our convictions…
Is it still worth investing our time and money in the trade fairs? I think all we need to do is keep the human relationship alive with our clients by meeting face to face now and again, and to concentrate more on the new opportunities like stonefree”.

Welcome on board Victoria, we’re holding hands into the future.

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