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The multi-faceted creativity of Kaleidoscope Surface Design

by the Editorial Staff of stonefree


Kaleidoscope, a word for an instrument which creates an ever-changing vision of myriad and interrelated forms, shaping and evolving through the motion of the hand. Used as the name chosen for this studio, it becomes a perfect adjective, ‘kaleidoscopic’ describing the multi-faceted and mutating creativity that drives this collection.

Something alchemical

It’s November 2014. Three friends, three thinkers, three creative minds, two of them sisters, Olesja and Vera Bartolomejand Galina Sodolovskaya, are used to collaborating together in the art world and in business ventures. The alchemy between the three spontaneously begins to converge into the idea of a continuous collaboration, bringing together their affinitive skills of creativity and commercial know-how. Studio Kaleidoscope is born. Three, after all, is a magic number.


Vera and Galina are the creative power-house of the studio. Both are passionate artists. Vera graduated in Fashion Design but, during her studies, her fascination with surface pattern burgeoned and became part of her profession after graduation. Galina operated as an independent artist and designer and taught in the academic institute where Vera studied, although on a different course. The two are sisters in their creative passion. Vera’s blood-sister, Olesja had followed a different academic path, graduating in International Business and Management, the perfect figure to take the two ladies’ creativity into a generative business realm. 

“Don’t dismiss the synchronicity of what is happening right now finding its way to your life at just this moment. There are no coincidences in the universe, only convergences of Will, Intent, and Experience.”

– Neale Donald Walsch

Hannover is the city where the creativity of Vera and Galina, together with that of a group of freelancers, converges into the kaleidoscopic collection of designs. Inspiration is absorbed from myriad sources and expressed through in-house artistic experimentation, constantly renewed and expanded through the study and investigation of new techniques.

The creative circle is completed and renewed by sharing the flow of artistic energy through workshops hosted in the studio itself. Berlin is the home of the business’s head office and the hub where Olesja coordinates and directs the commercial operations. Visiting clientele have the opportunity of seeing the collection in both cities.


Since the beginning, the studio’s penchant for hand-painted textures has made the collection a fascination for design buyers from wall covering and flooring producers, a sector that has burgeoned through the avant-garde technology of film wrapping, the application method which has expanded the use of pattern, past confinement to flat surfaces, to the boundless sphere of the three dimensional.

Bed linen producers and ceramic companies are also among the collections’ admirers, enthralled by the numerous techniques practiced and the various themes interpreted by Kaleidoscope’s gifted designers.


The intuition shared by the magical trio, for the evolution of Kaleidoscope’s future, has lead them to  They have recognized the possibilities that the platform opens in front of them, the basis of a business strategy without boundaries that will promote their creativity and go beyond the limits posed by time, travel, and of course, the current pandemic.

This is the way forward for their business, onboard with into the bright new era of Home Decor Surface design.

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