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by the Editorial Staff of stonefree


We are stonefree.design. We are “the permanent show”, and, like in every respectable “show”, there can never be an absence of something new.
The latest edition to stonefree.design’s household is called SFblue: a new opportunity in commerce for studios, designers, and buyers.
An added way of confirming our mission: ease the communicative relations between who creates and who’s looking for the latest ideas, eliminating the obstacles to be ever-more “stone-free”.

SFblue, another choice: direct contact

The entire project that is stonefree.design, born and continuously developed by professionals for professionals, always follows a golden rule: listen- to be able to plan and provide the correct response.
So, what’s one of the principal necessities of designers and buyers in the Home Décor world? To stay and get in touch with clients and prospective clients easily, quickly, directly…and without extra costs!
The answer to this request is here: SFblue, the new subscription at stonefree.design.

“The best we can do is size up the chances, calculate the risks involved, estimate our ability to deal with them, and then make our plans with confidence”

– Henry Ford

Stonefree.design is the digital marketing solution, integrated with the traditional ways of doing business in the world of Home Décor, SFblue is an important amplification of what’s on offer with several exclusive plusses.

  • DIRECT CONTACT: Buyers who are interested in a design can just click the blue icon under each design to get in touch immediately with who is selling it, opening up a direct line for creative or technical info or requests, to have changes made…or just to buy it!
  • SALES WITHOUT THE MIDDLE-MAN: stonefree.design exists to promote the visibility of the studios, the designers, and the designs themselves, and aims to create new business contacts. The dialog between who’s selling and who’s buying, including the transaction upon sale is all done privately, without any further involvement of stonefree.design. 
  • ZERO COMISSIONS: Naturally, because stonefree.design isn’t part of the sales transaction, in SFblue no one pays a percentage of the sales price to anyone.

It’s an opportunity dedicated to direct sales, integrated with a permanent show born for e-commerce, and designed to offer clients the tailor-made solution that they prefer.

Have you got any more questions about SFblue or the other subscriptions available?
Here you can consult our FAQ, but if you’d prefer “the human touch”, contact us for a direct chat without making any commitments.


The opportunity to adhere to the SFblue subscription is open to the studios and designers of the world of Home Décor.
You can choose between a monthly or an annual subscription.

Studios and designers that are already aboard stonefree.design can migrate their subscription to SFblue, which for them is an added value, something to consider based on their necessities.
In fact:

  • for those who have already subscribed to the “L” sized package, the integration with SFblue is automatic, opening the window to a double possibility: an e-commerce space + direct sales.
  • Studios and designers that have already opted for an “S” or “M” subscription can opt to change to an “L” subscription or change to SFblue

SFblue: a new light on a clear blue morning at stonefree.design

We are strongly committed to make sure that our offer will meet your needs and interests.

Become part of the first Permanent Show.

Find out how to present and emphasize the designs you’ll be selling and what your personal page could look like to buyers.

Contact stonefree.design and sign up for our newsletter.

Are you interested in SFblue or other subscriptions?
Are you a buyer looking for designs?
Well, take a look here at these subjects that you might find interesting:

I’m a designer or a studio. Can I choose a package to subscribe to, and then change it in the future?

Of course! Get in touch to find out which of the subscriptions (S, M, L, or SFblue) is right for you. You can upgrade whenever you need to.

I’m a buyer. What’s the most efficient way to search for a design I need?

With the navigation menu on stonefree.design you can sort your search by “recent designs”, “keyword”, “themes” or by uploading an image. You can save studios or designers as favourites, and do the same with individual designs or put them into your own “suitcase”.

I’m a buyer. Can I make selections of designs in personalized lists?

Yes, of course! You can label up your own personal suitcase, ready to store your selections of designs in your personal profile.
Unless sold, they’ll stay there, ready for you to buy them whenever you’re ready.
Find your suitcases by clicking the suitcase icon in the navigation menu.
Go read the newsletter on this subject for buyers!

How are transactions managed?

For the S, M, or L subscribers on stonefree.design payment for designs is by bank transfer or credit card.
For subscribers that have SFblue, the transactions are managed directly by the vendor.

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