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Seonmin: your link for the Korean market

by Seonmin Lee


Hello there! I’m Seonmin from the textile design agency ComoCrea Seoul. This was the first agency to be opened in Korea! We’re based in Chung Nam, the important industrial area in the southern part of the city. It was my Aunt Maria who founded the agency over 20 years ago. She started her career as a textile designer and worked for a time for some of the studios in Italy’s design hub, Como. When I was still studying for my degree in Urban Planning here at Uni in Seoul, my Aunt had been running ComoCrea Seoul very successfully for some years. Even though my degree was in a subject more out-door than in, she asked me to come and work with her as an intern.

So, that’s how it began for me! I was immersed in patterns from day one, and I fell in love with this job!

I started running the agency on my own in 2013 when my Aunt decided to relax a little and stop working. She’ll still pop in from time to time if someone she knows is coming to our showroom, as the personal relationship that we have built over the years with clients and studios is very dear and important for us.

I represent studios from Italy, the UK and Korea. Each studio has its own handwriting and style, and I’ve always loved being surrounded by their art. We – me and my clients – are so lucky to be able to see such beautiful work!

The Korean market is very specific. Most buyers work with the domestic market, around 70% of them. Of course, trends change and mutate, but I would say that natural textures and small floral patterns are always a favourite for my clients, and they are always very attracted to detailed, intricate designs.

The wind of change is beginning to be felt in the way we Koreans do business too! The growth of digital marketing and e-commerce is starting to modify the way people buy everything, including Home Décor products. represents the perfect step towards the future for my business and I’m quite excited to be your reference for my country!


To get to know me better, go see these video clips where I’ll tell you some more things about me and the Korean Home Decor business.


I can naturally learn a trend.


It is great when a new product comes out and the sales are good.


Finding patterns form nature is a global trend.


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