Optimize the search for new designs, comparing and choosing them together with your team

by Max Lambertini and Luca Peroni
stonefree.design and Hendrix Design founders and CEO


Introducing stonefree.design’s Suitcases

stonefree.design, the permanent show, was born with the aim of improving the way professionals of Home Decor Design work together in choosing the right “outfit” to give soul to their creations. The goal is to become the reference point of the Home Decor Design Business.

We see new buyers and new studios from different countries come on board day after day. This gives us the confirmation that we are on the right track and motivates us every day to enhance the user experience of the professionals who are part of our permanent show.

“Let’s go invent tomorrow instead of worrying about what happened yesterday.”

– Steve Jobs

stonefree.design’s suitcases offer a great opportunity: even though the possibility to move is very limited, you now have more freedom to decide when to compare and choose new designs together with your team, as many times as you like.

In stonefree.design we are very much aware that technology has helped our industry, giving us the ability to have online meetings even when we are at a great distance, but something was missing that would help the organization of teamwork, something that would help with exchanging files during the choosing process with team members in remote…
And so, the “suitcases” system was born!

Imagine that you have an infinite number of “suitcases”, and that in each of these you can collect a series of designs during the choosing process. You’ll then be able to send the suitcase to team mates, so that you can share the shortlist and make the final choice for the designs that best fit your needs together!

How does the “suitcases” system work?

Let’s now see how easy it is to use the stonefree.design suitcases to share your design choices with your team mates.

  • Log in to the store and find the designs you like.
  • As you scroll through the proposals of stonefree.design, when you find a design that grabs your attention click on the icon that corresponds to that design.
  • A window will appear where you can enter the name you want to give to the suitcase in which to put the design. In the same window you will also see the names of all the suitcases you have created so far.
  • Tick all the suitcases in which you want that design to be placed: you can add or remove designs from any suitcase any time you like.

  • Now you can share your “suitcases” (your shortlist of designs) with your team mates: access the list of all your suitcases clicking the icon on the main menu of stonefree.design , copy the “shareable link”, clicking the button of the library you want to share, paste it in an email, in a whatsapp message, wherever you want, and send it to your team mates.

  • The recipients just need to have granted access on stonefree.design, they will be able to access the suitcases you sent and go through the designs in the suitcase with all the advantages of the stonefree.design system.

Something wild

Suitcases are a tool that enhances your freedom of choice: you decide, taking the time you need, at the time you want. You can include in your suitcases designs from as many Studios or Designers as you like. Everyone in your team can give their contribution to define the choices for your collections in a very short time. When you’re done, easily proceed to purchasing the final designs.

It’s all really very simple, effective and immediate.

More to come! Stay tuned…

We are strongly committed to make sure that our offer will meet your needs and interests.

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