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On the road again

by Max Lambertini and Luca Peroni and Hendrix Design founders and CEO


Driving the dream

January 2016.

Coming home from Frankfurt. Luca at the driving wheel.

The fair has gone well. We’ve made some interesting new contacts and sales have been good for the studios we represent, and, as always, it was great to meet up with the buyers with whom we’ve built-up, over the years, really intense business relations. Those days passed in the fair, so full of meetings and talking, where you breathe that inspirational, promising air have left us full of positive energy.

We can’t stop talking… and there is a topic that continues to come-up, gradually dominating the conversation, ending up as the main argument of discussion for all the hours of the trip, all the way home. 

It’ll soon be twenty years that we’ve been in this world of design. We’ve specialized in the Home Decor market because we find it fascinating how objects come to life and express their souls when they become covered with a design that we’ve sold from one of our studios; one of those designs that we travel the world with and show on those big tables to art directors around the globe.

Our job isn’t simple, but it’s very absorbing. It’s not just about the pure sale of designs. There is so much more to it. We have to be capable of immediately and completely capturing the needs and desires of the professionals we’ve got in front of us, to be able to pull out of the proverbial hat, sorry… suitcase, the perfect designs for them; the right ones.

“On the road again. Like a band of gypsies we go down the highway. We’re the best of friends. Insisting that the world keep turning our way.”

– Willie Nelson

Miles of roads, thousands of appointments, hours and hours of discussions. All of this over the years has made us who we are today, bringing us to understand the myriad facets of the Home Decor Design World and the people who are part of it.

We are already into the second hour of our conversation while driving home from the Frankfurt fair. Wouldn’t it be great for our clients that bring their products to life with the trusted creativity we provide them with to be able to access that, continuously? Wouldn’t it be really interesting for our studios to be able to be present, with their designs, right at that moment and always when their client needs them? At the same time, wouldn’t it be a great new thing to allow buyers from around the world to source, choose and buy designs for their collections when, where, and however they want? Without the constraints of time or distance? 

We arrive back home, in Como, and suspend the discussion, each of us chewing on the idea. In time we’ll carry on our talk, shaping and refining the ideas into a project, more focused every time we get the chance to discuss.

There needs to be an online space. A one-stop store created for Home Decor professionals and for the creators of those patterns that cover their products with soul… a place where they can find the right design exactly when they need it… an innovative marketplace that respects the functional dynamics of the design market… a space where we can all breathe that inspirational air full of promise and positive energy through constant and interactive communication.

Can we make this idea reality?

What investments do we need to make to do this?

Kicking us out

February 2020.

Corona virus. Lockdown.

No one can move… all trade fairs are suspended… the whole world grinds to a halt… we can’t physically meet with anyone… and we feel like life itself is suspended

How do we do our job now? No sales trips for who knows how long.

How long is this situation going to last? When it’s over, will everything go back to normality?


We’ve learnt from life that after a tsunami like this nothing will go back to how it was.

The time has come for us to make our idea reality. We gather up our strength and courage and begin to build the project, travelling along an unknown path, but sure of finding comrades who will believe in, share and help build the dream into a concrete reality.

Shaping the dream

July 2020.

The idea comes to life! We’ve decided to call it ‘stonefree’.

The name is born from our ‘rocker spirit’ and inspired by a Jimi Hendrix song.

Stonefree… without the weight that keeps our field of business from flying high, and, because this space is dedicated to design, the usual ‘dot com’ used for most web projects just doesn’t fit.

So? Name: stonefree. Surname: design.

Stop. Nothing else is necessary…

“Stone free to do what I please. Stone free to ride the breeze.”

– Jimi Hendrix, right from the start, counts on a group of colleague friends, professionals from the Home Decor field who share our dream and are aboard the project to contribute to its realization. They are well noted faces and names who are established authorities and trendsetters in this business. They’ve put their souls into the project with enthusiasm and professionality, developing this creation with us which, thanks to this collaboration, is growing rapidly.

We’re determined to securely guide the professional creators of designs for Home Decor, step after step, towards this new way of interaction with the market while respecting the dynamics that define it. We’re always available online for any questions or queries anyone (studios, designers, clients…) might have.

Spreading the news

February 2021.

Finally, it’s possible for the professional designers of the world of Home Decor to safely have their creations on the table of their clients at a global level, every day, 24/7, without having to be concerned with invoicing, payments or bureaucracy. They will be able to dedicate themselves even more to providing those soul-giving creations straight to their clients. Customers will finally be able to find, select and purchase creations from professional designers from all around the globe, in a one-stop-shop.

To you, the professional designer, we are giving the possibility of showing your creations, not only to your regular clientele but opening up your audience towards all the potential clients that don’t know you yet and are looking for your designs on a global scale. With our help, you can put your designs on the tables of the world market.

For you, the buyer of Home Decor designs, you have the chance to broaden your array of design suppliers on a global level. You can discover the new talents out there, the artists that usually don’t travel to where you are or don’t participate in the international fairs.

It’s a new dawn for all the professionals of the Home Decor industry. Studios, independent artists, buyers, agents, and trendsetters, together, we’ll build the future of our world. 

We are strongly committed to make sure that our offer will meet your needs and interests.

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