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Milou Ket: “Let me be your inspiration”

by the Editorial Staff of stonefree


Some people are born with the gift of perception, to feel, before they become part of our present, the colors, forms, lights, perfumes, and materials that will be part of our future.

Those ‘strange people’ – part fortune tellers or alchemists, always sniffing the air and scrutinizing the sky – that are better than everybody else at forming a deep connection with the flow, conscious of the past, part of the present but always projected towards the future.

Their objective? Build visions.

Who are they? The trendsetters.

Their souls continuously drink everything that gets their attention, to then play around with it all, rearranging it until it begins to build into a vision, a balance of form and color molded into a statement about the way our future lifestyles and the surroundings we move through will become.


The professionals of the world of Home Décor are well known for being pragmatic but creative, and having the constant necessity of adding new elements and ideas to their work. Because of this, they are always on the lookout for inspiration that will guide them in the flow of trends. Inspiration (united to know-how and refined by time), that ensures their products will satisfy the market’s needs.

For us at, to know, understand and share these dynamics is of extreme importance. This is why we have created collaborations with several professionals from the field, including some of the best-known trendsetters.
So, we are very proud to announce the collaboration between and the Dutch stylist and designer Milou Ket, one of the most important and world-renowned trendsetters in the Home Decor industry.

“Because of the pandemic, on-line visibility has accelerated for many companies and has become a must in order to survive. – said Milou – I cheer and support the initiative of to offer a platform for print-, pattern- and surface-designers and their customers to meet. Even after the regular trade fairs will be restored, the advantages of meeting each other via will prove to be very valuable. It is set up with the help, expertise, and support of a wide range of professionals. I wish stonefree a very successful future.”

Here at we’re very excited about the great benefits this collaboration will bring to our community:

  • Milou is cooperating on the communication platform, supplying ideas and her special insight for the future for all the designers and buyers signed on to our marketplace;
  • it’ll be possible to buy Milou’s Trend book directly through;
  • you can contact Milou through for expert consultancy.

Welcome on board, Milou!

We are strongly committed to make sure that our offer will meet your needs and interests.

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