Marion Lesnik: for Litte Ones

by the Editorial Staff of stonefree


Marion has been creating a special little world for over twenty years. It’s a place that’s wonderful to be in, where things and the atmosphere is soft and cosy, and the perfumed air is full of fluttering butterflies and fairies: “There are dinosaurs, too, that roar with a smile, while chasing little cars and diggers shouting ‘beep-beep’, as they race along roads leading to the most fantastic places.”

You can find loads of animals here, too, and they can talk and love cuddling, but the most important inhabitants of this magical world are the pint-sized, fun-loving little beings we call children.


After studying at the renowned Pforzheim School of Art in Germany, Marion began working for companies specialized in manufacturing for the market with the youngest consumers, designing kid’s clothing, pattern and toys.

Since 2002 she continues to create as a freelancer and designs every imaginable item for our little ones: from bed-linen to books, carpets, cups, umbrellas, hats, boots, wallpaper… and everything in between. She works with clients from all around the world.


All of her ideas begin with a trusted pencil, to then be developed further using digital tools into designs that are truly alive with character and colour, ready to populate those enchanted spaces of our children’s rooms and imagination.


Marion is very much aware that the job comes with responsibility: “I have to be careful with the patterns I create, and conscious that they will be part of surroundings that are absorbed by minds that are like the white paper I start to draw on”.

“All the little figures that dance within my patterns can influence and educate the kids that will look at them”. A standard that shines out of Marion’s wonderful work, “Children are curious and enjoy discovering which is why my designs usually tell a little story and I try to fill each pattern with the love I feel for them and this job!” 


The other important aspect that Marion must cater for, is that Mum is the boss! “I must always keep an eye on trends in the grown-up area of the Home Decor Market and fashion, because that’s what parents like”.

“I love finding creative ways to keep Mums and Dads happy, at the same time as making designs that will work in the child’s world. More importantly, because the parents are from a generation that’s very much in touch with what’s new and fashionable, it is fundamental for my success to keep them in mind, too”


Marion is used to marketing her talents she regularly participate in the Heimtextil fair, although she was already e-commerce savvy and prepared for ‘tomorrow’. Always looking towards the future and new ways to present her work.

“Tomorrow belongs to those who can hear it coming!”

– David Bowie

The e-mail from reached her more than once and she was immediately impressed by the professional and user-friendly structure of the platform: “I looked around at what is available in terms of e-commerce for designs, but I found that there was always something that was not satisfying in the way they operate, so I kept coming back to And now I’m here and ready!” 

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