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Lee Design Studio: sharing the essential

by the Editorial Staff of stonefree


What Studio Lee does, since being founded in 2003, is to bring the beauty of art into our everyday lives by covering the world with its wonderous patterns. Sung-hyun Lee, the studio founder, has always sought to fulfill this, his personal mission, since beginning the business after studying fine art, and the success of the collection in the world of Home Decor proves that he’s doing a great job!

Enveloping and searching

The pursuance of sensuous creativity is brought to fruition and expressed through a diverse collection of designs that includes sophisticated digital pieces to hand-crafted textures, proposals that provide enrichment for the world’s wall coverings, upholstery, bed linen and curtaining, ceramics and floorings, and patterns for decorating domestic appliances.

The exploration into innovative artistic techniques is a passion for the designers of Lee Studio, and the use of materials and instruments of all aspects is their hallmark: “Our designs are constructed as if by architects, planned and developed using an eclectic mix of hand painting, silkscreen printing, laser cutting, embroidery, dyeing, and sculpting, but always encompassing the organic and coincidental”.


The creative team is encouraged to express their individual artistic talent and to specialize in certain techniques, but to never shut their minds to anything that can broaden their creative range. The artists come together every day in a mix between a ritual tea ceremony and a brainstorming session, where togetherness and constructive conversation brings out fresh ideas and new lymph for the ever-evolving collection.

Expanding family and relationships

In 2007, Sung-hyun Lee spread the scope of his creativity out to Bali, opening a twin studio on the island to incorporate the innate decorative skills from native artists into the studio’s collection: “We trained the new Balinese designers with the presence of a flow of the Seoul-based staff. The ethic of working as a creative, collaborative family of designers has proven to be a move that effectively builds a great atmosphere and provides an even richer array of talent to give to the world”. 


Staying close and being together are values at the heart of how Lee Studio has built its reputation for excellence throughout the Home Decor world, not just in referral to the international team of artists but also to how the Studio approaches the commercialization of its collection: “Connectivity and contact are values that drive the creativity and the sales for our studio. Something that, especially regarding the one-to-one communication with the clientele, has become fraught with difficulties in this era of pandemic”.

“As the world becomes a more digital place, we cannot forget about the human connection.”

– Adam Neumann

Sung-hyun’s high expectations for are like San Francisco’s Golden Gate, “I see not as a static platform, but as a human, communicative bridge over the troubled waters of our time across which the flow of our artistic beauty will continue smoothly straight to the appreciative clients”. is just that, a high-tech, innovative and strong bridge, a professionally interconnected link made of people, built to nurture and grow the Home Decor business.

The team is proud to have you with us Studio Lee, onwards and upwards together!

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