Julia Schumacher: when creativity is a natural attitude

by the Editorial Staff of stonefree


Ever since she was a young girl, Julia knew that she needed her freedom, in all senses, but most of all regarding her innate creativity, even before she became the professional textile designer she is today. In 2006 she finished a degree in textiles and design from Reutlingen University, near Stuttgart in South Germany, and began her career in design as a freelancer, captain of her own ship.

Amidst the green

Julia keeps a garden, where she has her studio, in Tübingen, and the garden keeps Julia enthralled. The living organisms that make up the natural world, the flora and fauna that are the heart, are a constant and fascinating source of inspiration for her work. Of course, flowers are an important part of this well of ideas, but Julia is an explorer. The hidden worlds within her garden, within each element, are inquisitively observed, sketched, and documented. The minuscule details that are secreted to other eyes are what spark Julia’s creativity. The spiralling centre of a sunflower, the geometric divisions of a leaves’ surface, the fractal patterns of nature’s constructions, all of this is the intricate inspiration that Julia can absorb and translate into design.


Almost always, designs will start with a sketch, beautifully drawn with pencils or painted with black ink, often with an abstract quality, investigating the micro cosmoses. From there, Julia will develop the artwork digitally, changing colours, overlaying, and composing patterns that, from the start, find many admirers within the Home Decor industry. One of the strong characteristics of her work is to play with scale. Those microtextures and details hidden within her garden become motifs for macro patterns that are perfect for contemporary surface decoration.

“In nature, nothing is perfect and everything is perfect. Trees can be contorted, bent in weird ways, and they’re still beautiful.”

– Alice Walker

The perfect canvas for Julia’s creations is the Home Decor world. Curtaining is just one of the areas where Julia’s collection, with its large-scale patterns, obtains great success, bedlinen and wallcoverings are also important sectors for this designer. Over the years, she hasn’t just made her name through the collection of exclusive designs created for global manufacturers, but she also creates, in collaboration with some of her clients, her own exclusive lines of products covered with her designs for the Home Decor market under her own name, Julia Schumacher.

The’s founders, Max and Luca, reached out to Julia to present her the idea of the project made to satisfy her, and all designer’s business needs and expectations. The two guys’ reputation and professional profile are one of the key values of the entire project, and that’s what convinced Julia to come on board, together with the experienced know-how of’s team, and the expertly constructed platform. Julia is captaining her own ship together with Stonefree’s fleet, and we’re circumnavigating the world! Bon Voyage!

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