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Independent Artists: together is better? Yes. And it works!

by the Editorial Staff of stonefree


Ideas are what make the world go round, like a spark starting a fire. “Gather our creative forces into a structured and integrated artistic statement”: this is the idea that came to this group of freelance artists who created Independent Artists.

All the designers that are part of this project discovered an alchemic mix through solid collaboration. They are driven by individual and passionate creativity but strongly united trough understanding of the importance of their synergy.


The mission of Independent Artists is to create an international vehicle for the worldwide team, allowing them to concentrate exclusively on creativity. A structure freeing the artists from the weight of commercial management and the necessity to cultivate public relations or plan sales. Unite the forces to become stronger, bigger, and visible just like a big studio.

“Innovators are the ones whose dreams are clearer than the reality that tells them they’re crazy.”

– Simon Sinek (

A solution like this one allows everyone that’s part of the studio to work from home but stay closely connected.

We’ve all seen, in these lockdown times, that the solution can work, but what makes Independent Artists’ game plan so strong is that they’ve been operating this way for years!

Their solution isn’t new to the world; others have tried similar ways of working in the past, but most haven’t lasted long, so the cup goes to Independent Artists! 


Good ideas have hands, arms, legs… and need a head! In ‘Independent Artists’, freelance designers from Canada, Switzerland, France, and Italy find the ideal circumstance to achieve their professional dream, captained and coordinated by Cristina Molteni.

It’s something similar to what happened in the music industry towards the end of the ’80s, when Indie Rock was bornin which ‘Indie’ means ‘independent’: a true revolution in the music world! Many artists began to experiment with new ways of creating, breaking free of the constraints imposed by the big production labels.


In the same way that it’s happened for the designer’s musical counterparts: the diffusion of the internet has become ever more important, supplying them with a way to propose their creations directly to a limitless audience. Technological innovation is revolutionizing the world of Home Decor too, and now, thanks to the web, it’s finally possible for all ‘Indie’ artists to experiment with new ways of collaborating, ‘smart’ creative production and sales, in a new space, born for all the stars to shine together as part of one melodic constellation.

For Independent Artists, the solution presented by immediately shone out as a great new opportunity: “ is the first commercial proposal of this type and entity in our field. We didn’t hesitate to jump on board once we understood that there is an organized and collaborative group of well-known Home Decor professionals behind the project. has convinced us all that we now have a vehicle to get us known even more in the world, 24/7, which won’t override or interfere with our traditional sales methods but integrate them online, working side by side. This truly is the dawn of a new era for the Home Decor design business”.

The only things that count now are creativity and the unchecked flow of artistic freedom! Come on guys, the world is waiting for your masterpieces!

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