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Home Decor: a Fruitful Orchard

by Max Lambertini and Luca Peroni and Hendrix Design founders and CEO


We planted a seed, we’ve watered it, we’ve given it light and now it’s a tree that’s beginning to bear fruit. What’s pushed us to do this? It’s simple, we knew we were working on fertile land!

We’d been thinking about it for some time, about the possibility of creating our fruitful orchard: for years we ploughed the land with trolleys stacked with designs, and for years we got our water from the infinite source of the international fairs.

…so now, anyone who’d like to make some tasty jam knows that, on, they can find the freshest fruit available!

The great names from the international panorama are coming onboard, even quicker than we thought. The quantity meets quality. New contacts and sales are a constant. We’re getting continuous confirmation that this is the right direction.

Luck? Connections? No: comprehension of the Home Decor market and it’s needs through a team with years of experience in the field.

“It is better to be wrong too soon than right too late.” 

– Jurij Gagarin is filling with designs, textures, and scans of hand-made and three-dimensional designs. What started as just an idea, now, has taken a concrete form, ever stronger, and evermore a reference point for the design sector of Home Decor.

A COMMERCIAL NETWORK WITH INFINITE MEETING POINTS is made like a net or a woven fabric… Like every good net, it’s strong because the knots that tie it are tight and resistant. Everyone can freely journey along the warp and the weft and find new knots, new meeting points to consolidate…and every one of them is a starting point!


“No pain, no gain”, our British clients say…and they’re right!

In our world, in this historic moment, it’s fundamental to communicate with the right instruments and at the right time…to sum it up, in the best possible way! Every studio has good fruit, cultivated with time and passion, but it’s clear that to get to the farther fields, you need to have good lungs and strong legs…

The One-Stop-Shop, a place where it’s easy to find and be found, works…it works brilliantly!… The constant increase in subscribers, both vendors, and buyers, along with the growing number of designs and interactions, is demonstrating it…

We’re waiting for you too. The larger the orchard, the more fruit there’ll be for everyone…and the jam will be sweeter than ever!

We are strongly committed to make sure that our offer will meet your needs and interests.

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