Eugène van Veldhoven: this man is a true inventor!

by the Editorial Staff of stonefree


Like many of the great inventors from the past, this one works mostly alone, absorbed in silent thought and action, in what can only be described as a laboratory, located in the historic Dutch city, The Hague. A true inventor is what this man is, his designs, the fruit of scientific exploration and alchemic experimentation, vibrating concoctions of geometry, incessantly moving formulas of pattern.

Thinking ahead

Eugène graduated in fashion design in 1993, from the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. Initial collaborations with design editorial ‘Textile View’ and trend studios including Li Edelkoort’s Trend Union, fed a developing passion for surface design, which has become his profession and his life. In 1995 he exhibited for the first time at Heimtextil with his experimental collection of textile designs and has never looked back.

At that time, the world of textile manufacturing was still largely based on traditional production methods and Eugène’s proposals were met with curiosity from the clients, but were often considered too technically complex to be translated into commercial products: “I remember clients were attracted to my booth, but they were dubious about being able to translate my ideas into reality”.

Then, the future began to happen and… “now, during trade fairs you can often find me absorbed in conversation with a client, discussing and inventing how to produce one of my designs with the latest production techniques.” The industry has evolved and modernized, and the collection of this designer’s contemporary proposals has become a font of inspiration and source of artwork that pushes the confines of technology towards innovation.


“The creative process behind the collection is like a perpetual wheel…there’s no beginning, no end”. Within the environment of his laboratory, the constant mutation of technique during the making mechanism itself stimulates Eugène’s mind to produce an exhaustive flow and formation of ideas that divide and branch like a mathematical equation to produce infinite results.

“My brain is only a receiver, in the Universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration. I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core, but I know that it exists.”

― Nikola Tesla

Looking through Eugène van Veldhoven’s work is an experience akin to visiting a contemporary art gallery, or wandering through a museum of modern art. His intricate creative process produces proposals for the contemporary Home Decor market that are rhythmic juxtapositions of line and geometry, sophisticated and elegant combinations of the layering of textures and structures. Surprisingly simple digital designs serve as matrixes, then translated into surfaces through myriad techniques, from screen printing to laser-cutting, embroidery to ultrasonic welding, each an ingenious combination of pattern, texture, colour, and textile that are an inspiration to his clients.

Confinement within his laboratory during the Covid19 limitations has given Eugène the luxury of time to further his creative investigations and prepare the debut of his collection on, and he is confident that this is the portal to the future of the Home Decor business. We are equally confident that clients from the known Home Decor world and beyond will find this collection perfectly adapted to their design needs, NASA included!

Welcome aboard Eugène! He’s ready for lift-off…are you?

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