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Designstudio Pinoo: the power of the flower

by the Editorial Staff of stonefree


Pia Noll-Burkard, Pinoo’s founder, owner, and art director has always been a bit of a creative prodigy. As a young girl, she would often be caught filling the margins of her school books with doodles which were, in reality, the first meanderings of a burgeoning passion for design. That passion grew, and the meanderings in the margins formed into a path leading her to a degree course in fashion design at Krefeld university, not far from Düsseldorf in Germany. In that atmosphere Pia began to be enthralled by the patterns created around her by her contemporaries on the textile design course and, after only four weeks, she decided to follow her fascination and changed direction.

Following her path

A national German competition was launched for pattern design, Pia entered and won, ‘impressing’ the company behind it so much that they asked her to collaborate while concluding university. After graduating with a textile design degree, this collaboration continued, more were found, and Pia began to work on her own ideas, forming a collection that debuted at the 2009 Heimtextil show in Frankfurt. She hasn’t stopped gaining pace ever since.


Many clients, especially from the bed linen sector, channel their ideas through the inquisitive and creative mind of Pia, able to elaborate and form the requests into designs that often become their No. 1 products. Pia’s inspiration comes more meandering. She’ll find it during a stroll through a modern city centre, a walk through a forest, or while visiting an art exhibition. 

She might get the feeling for something classic, or something contemporary, but the font that she chooses by instinct or by suggestion will always mutate with the seasons and trends that she perceives as an important part of atmospheres to come in Home Decor. Through her love of nature, flowers are always one of her influences and have become a constant theme within the collection proposed by Pia, interpreted for each season through her innovative sense of colour.


News of reached Pia via digital communication and she was immediately intrigued. Over the last few years, and especially when Covid19 hit, thoughts of how to develop her business using contemporary digital communication were beginning to develop into ideas about web marketing, but she’d found that nothing which she deemed sufficient for the professional Home Decor design world was available, and attempts to stand alone with her own website had disappointed.

“I am inspired by the professionalism of others. I believe there is an obligation to strive for excellence in what one is asked to do”

– Densey Clyne shone out like a light through the trees and she contacted the team to find out more.

Brighter Now

Now our paths have united and Pia firmly believes that the light she sees in this platform is the answer to her plans for the future. “I see as the perfect solution for my studio. It’s a professional-grade platform that will allow my business to grow into the technological future without compromising my creative energy for studio Pinoo and my clients’ needs”, she says, and adds, “The Covid19 situation has made the whole world stall, as well as causing changes in timing throughout the Home Decor business. 

Trade fairs, for example, are (or were?) not necessarily held at the right moment of the season for all customers, and the fairs themselves aren’t exactly the greatest locations to choose designs, considering that travel expenses and the use of time itself are ever-more important factors. Clients, wherever they are, will be able to consult whenever they need to and can trust its professionality. The platform is structured in a way that allows them freedom in their search for designs”.

We’re following the same road together Pia, it’s great to have you with us, and we’re going places!

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