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by the Editorial Staff of stonefree


The owner of Design Sûm, Eunjung Lee, is someone special. This studio works with a particular ethic: “We strive to make designs that help balance…balance in a deep sense, a human sense…within the environments where we live and work” she says.

Eunjung and the equally special artists in her studio don’t just produce beautiful designs for the Home Decor world…they produce patterns that are created to be in harmony with our souls

Eunjung Lee started her academic career majoring in Fine Arts and then went on to join another course in Fashion Design. A fascination for textiles began to grow, nurtured by one of her tutors who, at the end of the course, offered her a job in her textile design studio. Eunjung didn’t stop her studies though, and went on to obtain two Master degrees, one in Visual Design and another which has had a deep impact on the way she exercises his creativity, in Art Therapy.


This process of learning was followed with professional experience, widening Eunjung’s comprehension of the world at large and the Home Decor world in particular, through creative collaborations with companies from many areas of business: “At the same time, I came into contact with many creative souls; artists, illustrators, art therapists, graphic designers and textile creators. Many of these people have become part of my team of designers, each contributing their own special inventiveness since I founded Design Sûm in 2015”.

“The way to know life is to love many things.”

– Vincent Van Gogh

The force that the rhythm of colour and pattern exert on us at a psychological level is proven fact, and tapping-in into this knowledge is an intrinsic part of the collection from Design Sûm. The designs the studio proposes, which will become part of daily life within our dwellings, workplaces, and public spaces, are made to play an important role. Careful and sapient use of tone and motif is integrated into every pattern, enhancing our well-being, cultivating positivity and emotional harmony.


Balanced with the application of this meaningful approach to designing, the close monitoring of trends in lifestyle and the market is an equally important ingredient of the creative process for the studio. Inspiration comes to their open minds through observing the changing world and being present wherever trends are examined and discussed, and so, the collection is created to embody and emanate qualities making the designs the perfect addition for our environments.


“ has come about at the perfect time for Studio Sûm. The pace of change in Home Decor is calmer and more pondered than that of many other areas of commerce and business in general, but I had been feeling the need for a new way of doing business even before the pandemic which, when it came, caused a break in normal business communications for many”.

Stonefree’s positive light appeared, the Home Decor world has a new way to follow and Design Sûm is spreading its influence and adding their purposeful proposals to the brilliant array!

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