Baman Studio: the magic of an alchemic balance

by the Editorial Staff of stonefree


Quite a creature, Baman Studio: three heads, six hands, and a pair of wings made of passion to fly to great heights. This is the ambiance for the adventure – born in 2011 in front of an aperitif in a bar – created between three artists: after years of formation as employees of a famous Milan studio, they decide to share their dreams and that the right moment is upon them for the ‘great step’.

The Perfect Mix

Apparently, they seem to be three people that could have difficulty working together, but, having allowed themselves to establish a balance between personal space and time, together with constant professional confrontation based on reciprocal admiration, they have been able to lay the foundation of their success.

Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.

– Albert Einstein

Marco Ghezzi Tuia is unstoppably passionate about painting, limited to his free-time, and his career in Home Decor Design started almost by chance. His aspiration? The liberty to follow his dream: the perfect design!

More traditional, the route followed by Antonella Todisco and Barbara Zangiacomi: two women with strong personalities that started-off in Home Decor right after their degrees, respectively in Industrial Design at the Polytechnic and Art at Brera, both in Milan.

Marco, just like his favorite animal, the tortoise, lets himself be enthralled by a ponderous pace. The two women are quick, just like their beloved domestic cats, and burn with the desire to scratch and leave a mark in the world of design. A mix of ingredients so different would seem improbable, but, the placid fluidity of Marco’s oil fuses with the sparkling aroma of Barbara and Antonella’s vinegar, and the mayonnaise doesn’t curdle but makes the perfect condiment!  


The differences between the three are also apparent from their sources of inspiration. Barbara and Antonella love feasting their eyes on the latest colours in the shop windows, on the art exhibitions, and on anything that catches their gaze in the bustling streets of Milan, to then run-off, full of passion to their work tables to create new masterpieces. Marco however, prefers to contemplate a white page, so that colours and forms are spontaneously generated, with his creativity as his guide, through the tips of his brushes. The result, from wherever the genesis is from, is always fascinating: the rich, investigative style of Studio Baman has rapidly conquered the European and global clientele, and, ever-more-frequently, satisfaction arrives through spotting their own designs in the windows of the most prestigious Home Decor stores. 


The goal of the three partners at Baman is to never be too content and to fulfill each of their dreams: allow free expression of their individual creativity. Conscious that innovation is born from the creative process, matured in every artist, and that it cannot be weighed-down by external technical impositions.

Even before the pandemic that has blocked the entire globe, the three artists debated the need to open a window to the world, integrated with their usual commercial planning, that could eliminate the limitations of time and distance and show their masterpieces without restrictions. Then, one day, a message appeared in their mailbox: they immediately understood that the news of the long-awaited change had arrived and the opportunity of jumping aboard was not to be missed.

We live with a paradox in the world of Home Decor Design: many clients ask us for the prints of the designs, something that means a large amount of work, both in terms of time and costs, especially for who, like ourselves, produces for different areas of the market. Then, in the end, they ask us for the digital file!

With we can finally try to abandon these now obsolete ways of working and project our business into the future. This platform perfectly embraces our creative vision, that isn’t aimed at the most important or any specific area of the market, but is to widen to the world, without obliged choices and without missing any opportunity for getting our name out there.”

BArbara, MArco e ANtonella (the name of the studio is an acronym of their names!): welcome to designing together on the white page of the future!

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