Affabre Design

Vienna, Austria

Textile Design studio for the home furnishing market, weaving, print and wallpaper. We are based in Vienna and have over 30 years of experience in international markets working with designers from around the world.
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We started designing for fashion fabrics and gift-wrap, creating patterns that were hand painted on paper.

Trough a gradual change in the way we conceived our collection and a different approach to classical pattern design we created designs that were more like prototypes of constructed and woven fabrics, as opposed to the flatter, two dimensional print designs that we were creating up until then.

The reaction from the market to this new, three-dimensional way of designing was so positive that we gradually adopted and developed the technique, producing a collection that has become an important source of reference for the textiles industry, especially for producers of woven textiles.


In the late 1990’s we began to steer the focus of the collection towards the home furnishings field.

The fashion textiles market moved faster and faster and we didn’t feel that it gave our studio the chance to develop the intricate creative process that fascinates us and that has become our hallmark. So, with an international team of up to 25 in-house and freelance designers, we have been creating and marketing our collection exclusively for the home furnishing market for over 20 years now.


The winning ingredients are the diverse skills, artistic handwriting and colour sense that are an intrinsic part of our team, together with the development and use of modern digital techniques and laser cutting. The designs we create have evolved into a contemporary and complete proposal, ready to be interpreted and produced by the avant-garde and the continuously technologically advancing market of manufacturers, particularly in the field of woven textiles.


The area of our customer base has changed and evolved over time too. When we started out, Europe was still at the forefront of textile production, but, as the focus of the production began to move, we worked on building our reputation with clients in Japan, China, Korea, Turkey and in particular the US, which, through gradually focusing our product more and more, has become our main market base.

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