Our Business is Stone Free!

Stone free to do what I please. Stone free to ride the breeze.

Jimi Hendrix
Luca Peroni and Max Lambertini


Both born in Piacenza, we met at high school back in 1986. At the very beginning of the new millennium we moved to Como and started to work for Design Studios as traveling agents. We often met in Japan, U.K. and Turkey and began to dream of opening our own company together.

12 years ago, we founded our first agency for Studios, it was called Visions. In 2013 our destiny changed and we started Hendrix Design while listening to Jimi on our favourite radio… Since then we drive an average of 60.000 km every year to show collections to customers all around Europe. You can only do this job if you love it. Heavy cases, lots of Sundays away from families, our car, our home. The price to pay to be independent.

We have worked with many of the greatest international studios. We now represent some of them; Affabre since 2006, Lee Design and FAF since 2007. Those guys are amazing and we’ve always shared a very mutual vision of the business.

Now we’re ready to share our revolutionary vision with the whole world, “Freedom is participation”… be free, be stonefree!

Here we are!

Three years back we had the idea: give the chance to everyone in the Home Decor Design Business to show and find designs 24/7, alongside the traditional way to run a design business, without replacing it. A place where everyone would feel as comfortable as if visiting trade shows, if not more so!

Now we would like to share with you all the solution we’ve devised. Resilience will be our North Star, to provide and to grant the same range of services to everyone. 

Our concrete RESolution is also a deep REVolution: our business will be run following a modern ethic , “…free to ride the breeze”.

And we are not alone! Here below you’ll get to know some friends who share our dream…

All the people involved in the project are important, especially you! Together we can make the difference.

Finally: no changes service wise; no changes in reliability, loyalty or professionality.

We are strongly committed to make sure that our offer will meet your needs and interests.

We can’t wait to welcome you on board… same people, new way.

Thanks guys.

Our Partners

Winifred “Winnie” Parnes

USA, Canada

A New Yorker, with over 15 years in Fashion and Home Textiles. Experienced in all facets of the industry from production to sales through to design execution. With a hyper focus on pushing trends while maintaining a world view on sustainability.

I have had the pleasure of representing some of the most well known European studios as their US agent.

I created best selling products with major companies and worked hand in hand with factories in multiple countries.

Rick Dowson

UK, Belgium, France, Scandinavian countries

Born in Manchester,  the historical heart of the textile industry, I took my education in Art, Fashion and Design then a career in music, writing, recording and performing.

The last 22 years have been dedicated to Global textile design sales for both UK and European studios and, since 2010, from a base in Belgium, closely working with a small team of designers developing long term creative and commercial relationships.

Trust and a creative spirit are vital to my working life and with the support of my amazing family I try to keep alive the heritage of Art and Rock&Roll for an inspirational future.

Stephan Thierry

Austria, Germany, the Netherlands

After finishing the textile design school in Vienna in 1988 I co-founded the Affabre Design studio. Since then we’ve developed collections for the world’s markets and had up to 25 designers collaborating with us. From starting as a designer myself I am now the art director of the studio.

I enjoy working with creative people, creating great collections… this isn’t just a job for me, it’s my passion, without which I would not be where I am today.

Seonmin Lee

South Korea

I am an agent dealing in surface pattern design based in Seoul since 2013, the owner of the well-known and historic company Comocrea Seoul,
providing customers from the manufacturing fields of textiles, wallpaper, electronic devices, tiling and glass with new ideas and designs full of young, positive energy from the best international design studios.

I believe that understanding the trends which affect our lifestyles and living spaces will indicate the best direction the industry should take and that art should not just be confined to museums but should be ever-present in our homes and in our lives.

Milou Ket

Styling & Design

I am an internationally oriented stylist from the Netherlands with a unique and extensive experience in concept design, retail/buying consultancy and the creation of collections.

With my international scope and forward-thinking vision, I am known for my insights in emerging trends for the immediate future, translated and applied in a practical as well as an aesthetic way. Colours, atmosphere, style, prints, materials and designs are all incorporated into a harmonious entity. I publish annual books on trends for interiors for the near and more distant future.


Integrated Marketing Communications

We are a team of communication professionals who share decades of experience with an important track record of successful projects. Our bases are in Switzerland and Italy, near to the city of Como, the heart of Italy’s high quality textile business.

Our guide is our curiosity, accepting challenges as one with determination to be active players in all of our projects.  

We have a chameleon soul and are natural pioneers, an identity manifested in many areas of the business, transforming and adapting at every step to ride opportunities and accept the challenges of our times and into the future. Each of our communication projects are unique and never repeated, but built with innovation on the basis of our growing synergic knowledge.

Some of us have been part of the wonderful adventure that is the company since the beginning, contributing to the growth of all the people that have joined us over time, giving life to a solid team of professionals of all ages with a vast and articulated expertise.

Contributing to the success of the projects we are part of is our mission.

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